We empower each other to define our own lives, to face our fears and to be true to ourselves all through the guidance of Mother Nature.

Lea Roberts

Jenny's Wild Women Retreat was a life changing experience. Besides being an amazing woman, athlete, and inspiration; Jenny and the crew were just great people. We laughed, we talked, we hiked, and we opened up and shared life stories. I HIGHLY recommend a retreat like this for every woman. I will for sure be joining these ladies again soon!

Chazmith Newton

I was lucky enough to get experience the very first WILD Women with Jenny, and I was thrilled. I had followed her on Instagram for a few years before her first retreat. The minute she posted it I knew I had to be there. She was just as amazing as I imagined from what I knew of her online, if not more. From the minute I submitted my registration she was In direct communication. She was extremely thorough in the planning and leading up to the trip sending us packing lists & updated info on weather and anything we might need to know. My hope is that in the future I will definitely be able to participate again... my guess is that the experiences will only continue to grow in richness.

Dina Rabo

What I enjoyed most about joining Jenny’s outdoor weekend adventure was the true fun of getting outdoors and doing it with a supportive group of ladies from different backgrounds, sharing our struggles and triumphs and helping one another. Jenny's passion and love of fitness and the outdoors offers a unique platform that encourages others to "get out of their own box," in a supportive way. She's just real, no fluff and I like that.