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My mission is to provide a place where people can come for real, raw, down-to-earth truths about fitness, wellness and everyday life with the outcome being direction and motivation to make their wildest dreams become realities.

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Ruth Lee

Jenny LaBaw has been coaching me for over 10 years!  She's been one of the most influential and motivating persons in my life.  She's encouraged me to stretch my concepts of fitness into a way of lifestyle choices of eating, exercise, and positive thinking.  Her positive outlook on life and living is a reflection of who she is and her love for life and others. Jenny is the real deal!

Jolene Sheppard

Working with Jenny has taught me to take small steps towards my goals. She's taught me not to beat myself up over small setbacks and to remember how far I've come already, then keep moving forward. She taught me how to make healthy food choices and how that affects much more than your waistline but also your attitude. Jenny has made me a stronger person both physically and mentally. Now 2 years later, I would consider myself the happiest, confident, healthiest version of myself I have ever been. Jenny has made such a huge impact in my life and for that I am so thankful. I consider her a dear friend and look up to her on so many levels. 

Jennifer Johnson

Working with Jenny over the past year and a half has been a godsend for me. You join a tribe of other like-minded individuals that have similar goals and aspirations for their own health and fitness. Jenny is an amazing motivator, and her instruction is top notch. Jenny makes it fun for us, but also encourages us to dig deep to get stronger and more fit. I can't say enough good things about this gal - she is an amazing human - and I am blessed to have found her. 

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