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Marianne Haukli Branda

The 28 Day Kick Start Program came across my feed at the perfect time because I needed and wanted to make a change in my life. I love this program because it has everything laid out for you from weekly grocery list and meals to daily emails with the workout and knowledge bombs. Jenny is practicing what she shares, and she is so caring and passionate about everyone participating. I feel stronger, leaner and healthier. I’ve lost 13 lbs and shaved off 4 minutes on my 3-mile run. I highly recommend doing this program. It works!


Jen’s 28 Day Kick came along at just the right time.  Her tools and the group camaraderie made it so easy to get moving, eating and thinking differently, and now they are already habits. Love this girl’s authentic way of coaching - so inspiring. I can’t wait for her next phase!

Amy Sayers

So much can happen in 28 days! What I love about Jenny’s approach to health is that she not only offers me sound coaching when it comes to strengthening my body through movement and the food I eat, but she is also showing me ways to grow and keep a positive mindset, too. Her personal support pushes me to push myself, and the community of people I’ve forged fitness friendships with through her program have just been amazing. Body, mind, and spirit—these 28 days is strengthening them all in big ways!