WILD Adventure Schedule

2019 Adventure Schedule Dates/Locations

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Feb 21-24: Lake Tahoe (cabin, skiing, snowshoe, sledding)

May 4-7: Moab, Utah (camping, mountain biking, hiking)

June 11-16: Lake Powell, AZ (house boat, water sports, hiking)

July 11-14: Aspen, CO (backcountry cabins, hiking)

July 17-21: Lake City, CO (camping, hiking 14k ft peaks)

August 29-Sept 1: Lassen National Forest, CA (Lassen through hike)

September 5-8: Grouse Ridge, CA (tent camping, hiking, fishing)

September 12-15: Downieville, CA (tent camping, mountain biking)

All WILD Women Trips are non-refundable 1 month before the trip date. If you must cancel prior to 1 month before, you will be refunded 1/2 price OR you can transfer that to another trip within the year.