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More Pull Please

We spend most of our day in front of us. Hands on keyboards. Eyes looking forward and down at phones. Arms up in front hanging onto the steering wheel. Cooking dinner, washing dishes, shaking hands, holding babies, shoveling, hammering, mowing, putting on makeup, oh my freakin’ goodness… almost everything. As a result, our anterior (front)… Read More More Pull Please


Lost Human Connection

Okay y’all, hang onto your seats for my rant on social media/technology and how it is quite literally killing our human connection. Let me start with a personal story that has prompted this blog… I will make it as short as I can. Three weeks ago, while visiting my family in CO, I was sitting… Read More Lost Human Connection


Keep Clean

Clean house. Weeding out. Stuff to charity. Your house is officially decluttered. Yippy! It’s so freeing, isn’t it?! Now comes the real challenge, how do you keep it that way? If you implement these 6 habits in your life, you have a fighting chance to keep your physical space organized and free of extra stuff.… Read More Keep Clean