Self Care… Taking Time!

The concept of “self-care” is everywhere. I work for the National Epilepsy Foundation and just wrote our February employee wellness newsletter on self-care in the workplace. Last week, I just listened to Harder to Kill Radio (Steph Gaudreau’s podcast) with my dear friend Sarah Fragoso and that was the central topic of theirs (I highly… Read More Self Care… Taking Time!

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In the Pursuit of Happiness: Part III – Love Yourself

Our world is filled with expectations of all kinds – external, internal, societal, realistic, unrealistic, etc.  We set standards for ourselves and for others without even being aware we are doing it.  We are judgmental and critical when those standards aren’t met, even when we know we shouldn’t be.  It’s a harsh reality for me… Read More In the Pursuit of Happiness: Part III – Love Yourself


Welcome to My World

Welcome to the new and improved! First, let me preface this initial blog by telling you that this isn’t just another place to flood your brain with information about not eating sugar, squatting technique, meditation and all those health-related things. Let’s be honest, the internet is overwhelming in this arena. I’ve been in the industry… Read More Welcome to My World