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KISS For Your Health

For the last 13 years I have been so lucky to call my passion my job. I get to help people navigate down their health and fitness path.  I get to motivate people to rediscover their self-confidence.  I get to inspire people to see in themselves the strength I know they have (both literally and… Read More KISS For Your Health


Dive In Head First

I’ve been so fortunate my entire life to have an awesome support system.  My family, my friends, my boyfriend… they all believe in me, possibly more than I believe in myself.  That right there gives me the power to find the strength inside to dive in head first… to pretty much everything I do. See,… Read More Dive In Head First


Welcome to My World

Welcome to the new and improved! First, let me preface this initial blog by telling you that this isn’t just another place to flood your brain with information about not eating sugar, squatting technique, meditation and all those health-related things. Let’s be honest, the internet is overwhelming in this arena. I’ve been in the industry… Read More Welcome to My World